4 Reasons Why You Should Automate Your Timekeeping System

In recent times, have you used any product or service that helped to reduce your overhead cost while simultaneously cutting down workload? If you answered no, the good news is that automated timekeeping is about to give you that.

 Cutting costs

Automated timekeeping is an outstanding tool that offers employers better savings and efficiency at work. Business owners, supervisors and employees can take advantage of its many uses, such as cost reduction, increased employee accountability, and payroll data efficiency. This simple and cost-effective timekeeping solution gives employers more freedom and confidence that their payroll and deductions are accurate.

Let us present to you the four core benefits of automating timekeeping in case you have never considered doing so before now.

1) Reduce & Manage Labor Costs – The statement that employee pay is one of the largest expenditures is not new. What may be news is that there are ways of drastically reduce labor costs and save tens of thousands of dollars each year; when you implement a mechanism for keeping tabs of your employee working hours-up to the minute.

2) Automate Clerical Work & Prevent Human Error – Did you know that automated timekeeping cuts down time involved in calculating, collecting and verifying payroll data? Employers who use an automated timekeeping and complimentary payroll system can get these tasks done with just a simple internet connection.

3) Track & Hold Employees Accountable – Employers have to deal with wasted time, buddy punching, overtime, and with remote employees-accountability of their whereabouts and actual work time. Employers are too busy to keep track of an employee’s every activity. Automating timekeeping with a time clock–and for remote employees using a GPS integration– employers can better handle employee accountability. When employees must clock in and out for their specified work schedule, using a fingerprint, magnetic swipe or using PIN code to clock in, it gives the employer quick, visible records of an employee’s habits.

4) Improved Employer Compliance – Are your records of employee working hours meeting the state and federal rules? If the Department of Labor were to ask for your time and payroll records in the event of a labor dispute, will you be ready for it? To stay safe from the Government’s ongoing monitoring of accurate employee compensation by employers, it’s necessary to have in place an automated timekeeping system and save yourself from the harsh punishment resulting from labor disputes.

Automated timekeeping systems are beneficial to employers in the long run. It saves on cost and makes processing payroll easier. To find out how to take advantage of this easy and cost effective means of timekeeping and payroll outsourcing, contact OmegaComp HR today. Sacramento: 916.266.4370 or toll free: 888.540.0752

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