4 Ways to Reduce the Risk of Lawsuits From Ex-Employees

Do you worry that a resentful employee or former employee may put your company in a dangerous situation? A lawsuit from an employee against and employer, has been shown to soil the good name of a brand. Which makes it imperative for employers to do everything possible to avoid one. The good news is that there are things an employer can do to keep employee lawsuits from happening. Rush on Business shows how to stay away from employee lawsuits in the following article.

Communicate Policies With Employees: The first thing you need to do is to ensure you put in place a good employee manual which sets clear employment policies. You must also ensure that your employees are trained on the policies in the manual, and that you follow those as well because the alternative may put you in a position to be sued by an employee. It’s important that you implement a policy that allows for employees to voice their opinions or complaints. Handle each and every complaint that comes in promptly and don’t let them linger.

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Unlawful Discrimination & Harassment Policy: You need to have in place a comprehensive harassment and discrimination policy to include other forms of harassment in addition to sexual harassment such as race, age, disability or religion harassments, too. You must also ensure that your employees at all levels are aware of the no discrimination/harassment policy of the organization. Make it a point to train your employee’s on issues concerning discrimination and harassment at least annually.

Prepare Legal Documentation: It is necessary to have good documentation of all your affairs, because you can only prove a fact that you have documented. Keep proper and up-to-date records of every employee reprimand or cautions in their individual files in a safe storage space in case you might need it as evidence.

Fair & Consistent Employee Evaluations: As expected you will have employees who are not performing up to par. It is for this reason that you keep proper documentation of every employee review in case it is needed in a lawsuit. Be sure to have evidence to back up your claim of poor performance by an employee or else you will not be able to prove anything in court. Conduct reviews on your employees on a regular basis, at least once a year.

If you adhere to the above easy-to-follow steps, it will help keep employee lawsuits to a minimum. In order to be certain that you do not leave anything out, you should have an HR Consultant or legal personnel thoroughly go through your employment policies so as to avoid employee lawsuits.

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