The Auto Club of Southern California Roadside Service Provider Program Overview

Human Resources

  • Customized employee handbooks
  • Initial audit of pay practices
  • Assistance with performance appraisals and progressive discipline
  • Owner and manager training seminars via teleconference and webcast

Safety, Compliance & Risk Management

  • Traffic Incident Management Responder Certification as required by the Department of Transportation
  • Written Injury and Illness Prevention Programs (IIPP)
  • Workers' compensation claims assistance 
  • OSHA 300 log and 300A annual maintenance
  • Owner and manager training seminars

Payroll Services

  • Efficient payroll processing
  • Quarterly and annual federal and state tax filings
  • Workers' compensation premium calculation and payment
  • Payroll deduction of benefits

Reporting Capabilities for "ACA" Implementation* 

  • Determine employer status for Affordable Care Act "ACA", with automated timekeeping 
  • Compute labor totals by work month or work week for ACA reporting purposes
  • Determine hours by full-time (FT), full-time equivalent (FTE), and non-full-time (NONFT) employees for ACA reporting purposes
  • Health exchange guidance 

Secure On-Line Human Resource System*

  • Submit payroll and change employee information 
  • Complete workers' compensation claim reports
  • Locate a cost-effective clinic for injured workers
  • Track benefits eligibility and receive e-mail notifications


*Service requires enrollment in OmegaComp HR Payroll Processing

Service Options for AAA Contractors

Current Client Success Stories

1. Human Resource Services, Labor Law Compliance, Safety/Risk Management Services, OSHA Compliance, Benefits Administration, ACA Compliance, and Payroll Services, with option for Workers' Compensation Program savings. This is our Full Service Package.

2. All services from option 1 (above) except Workers' Compensation Program. OmegaComp HR's services can stand alone and fit over the top of any workers' comp policy.


3. Human Resource Services, Labor Law Compliance, Safety/Risk Management Services, OSHA Compliance and Benefits Administration (carves out Payroll Services and Workers' Compensation options).

Note: Non-payroll clients are not eligible for OmegaComp HR's Workers' Compensation Program and a data feed from the client is required for compliance reporting purposes.

Harassment claim filed against owner of Towing Firm

  • Our professional HR team completed a thorough investigation
  • OmegaComp HR representatives met with the attorney and complainant
  • Reached a mutually agreeable resolution
  • Case closed

EEOC claim filed against Southern CA Towing Firm

  • Former employee claimed he was terminated due to ethnicity
  • Formal investigation received by our client and sent to us for strategic evaluation 
  • OmegaComp HR responded on behalf of the client 
  • Case was closed 4 weeks later

Towing firm employee filed a workers' compensation claim

  • Ownership and management believed claim was fraudulent due to disciplinary matter/write-up the day before
  • OmegaComp HR Risk Management team notified treatment facility of concerns and scenario where employee was to be treated for injury
  • Due to OmegaComp's proactive approach, the employee retracted her claim and voluntarily resigned
  • Case closed

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