The Benefits of Automated Timekeeping

Automated timekeeping is a very useful tool for small and medium size organizations.  This tool provides organizations and employers a variety of benefits; be it the need to reduce the cost of labor, increase productivity, restructure admin work or ensure compliance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA).


Timekeeping watch


Is your organization taking on unnecessary labor cost as a result of any of the following employee habits?

  • Employees approximating their punch in or out times to the nearest 15 minutes increment so as to earn more pay benefits.
  • Late arrival, but early exit by employees while getting compensation for full work hours.
  • Extension of break and lunch times by employees.
  • Employees going on unaccounted work errands.


The following ways are how OmegaComp’s payroll outsourcing services makes the day-to-day operations of small and medium size businesses simple to manage:


  • Automate Holiday & Overtime Pay – Modernize employee payment and overtime to be more efficient.
  • Calculate “Full Time Equivalents” – Stay compliant with ACA guidelines by monitoring the number of working hours put in every week by your full-time employees.
  • Accrue and request paid time off – Make it possible for employees to accrue and request time off.
  • Track hours to the minute – Be able to determine how much exact time each employee puts in working and pay only for such.
  • Supervisor Approvals – Make it obligatory for supervisors and employees to approve their time cards before payment can be made.
  • Employee Self Service – Enable employees to approve their time cards, request time off and so on themselves.
  • Manage “Affordable Care Act” Compliance – Easily determine the number of employees working full time and the equivalent of their work hours put in on a weekly basis.
  • Automated Overtime Pay – Calculate employee overtime pay to avoid any pain or confusion.


Having your timekeeping run automatically will surely be one of the best investment decisions you can make. In the long run it will save you money and at the same time reduce the work load of your important employees.  Click here to get more information on how to use OmegaComp automated timekeeping for your business.

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