Employee Self Service Portal

EmployeeOnTheGo.com (aka myomegacomp.com) is our employee self service portal for efficient employee self-management.



For today’s on-the-go society, our employee self service portal is mobile friendly. It provides employees with a convenient away to access their time and attendance, pay statements, and with our Webclock option, employees can clock in and out inside their secure portal.

Employees can manage important information online, from any internet connected device. Employees can access their pay stubs from every pay period including earnings, deductions, taxes, direct deposit, benefits accrual, and paid time off right from their phone, laptop or tablet.


Profile Information:

Name, address, and W4 and State withholding allowances, contacts and more.

Payroll and Tax Information:

Details of current and previous years’ per pay period employee compensation statements, deductions, paid time off and direct deposit accounts.

Annual Tax Forms:

Current and previous years’ W2s or 1099s

Time and Attendance:

Details of each day’s time clock transactions for the current and previous pay periods, including time clock punches and hours worked.

To learn more about adding an employee self service portal to your services, contact a Payroll  Consultant today!