Safety & Risk Management / OSHA Compliance Services

The Safety and Risk Management Department team at OmegaComp HR brings over 62 years of combined experience and expertise in the field of employee safety training.

Employee Safety Training

OmegaComp HR provides you with the necessary tools and training to complete your OSHA-mandated employee safety training. We provide training in the forms of webinars, training packets, and in-house safety training.

OSHA Compliance and Violation Resolution Services

When OSHA inspects an employer site on a scheduled visit, we are able to assist with the inspection. We support the employer in resolving any violations, including official protest of fines.

Regulatory Agency Assistance

Some clients require regulatory assistance. We help set up drug testing programs, DMV Pull Notice accounts, forklift certifications and more. OmegaComp HR helps with correspondence, such as reporting serious work injuries, responses to OSHA citations, and reducing or eliminating fines.

Workers’ Compensation Claims Assistance and Support

Managing an injured worker is a challenge and a large workers’ compensation claim can impact your business for years. OmegaComp HR has helped many clients reduce their risk through claims management assistance and enforcement of safety policies and procedures.

Our safety and risk management team assists you in locating occupational clinics within your insurance company’s Medical Provider Network, so that your injured employee can be seen and treated as quickly as possible. The paperwork for a claim can be intimidating. We will assist with reporting claims to your workers’ compensation insurance carrier.

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