Broker Partners

OmegaComp HR partners with insurance agencies to provide broker partners with products that add value and boost retention.

OmegaSlides3Here are some of the ways OmegaComp HR can support your agency:

A great fit for your high risk accounts including: lapses, tarnished loss history, limited workers’ compensation options due to class/industry, and high ex-mods.

Options for your clients that reduce exposure to employee-related litigation,  fines/inspections/investigations from oversight entities, and/or those simply seeking to reduce labor costs and save time.

Our services options include but not limited to:

Additional Benefits for Broker Partners:

  • Pay as you go options for workers’ compensation
  • Option for high risk or difficult to place businesses
  • Flexible package plans for your clients

A resource to support your clients with HR, safety-related items including: wrongful termination, harassment complaints, discrimination, fraudulent workers’ compensation claims, leaves of absence, hiring/termination, OSHA compliance, proactive onsite safety and HR training, and protection against oversight entities.