CA Employee Safety Measures—What You Need to Know

The aviation industry is one of the most important economic fields in the U.S. Even the recent federal shutdown was affected, particularly where the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is concerned. Sean Broderick of Air Transport World reports:

FAA, sticking to the US Department of Transportation (DOT) plan laid out to cope with a prolonged partial government closure, has called in more than 800 Office of Aviation Safety employees responsible for both field inspections and certification of “critical” products.

The recalls include more than 600 Flight Standards staffers— including safety inspectors—and 200 Aircraft Certification service employees, FAA said.


“As the government shutdown continues, the agency will determine whether additional employees need to be recalled to provide oversight of potential risk,” FAA said in a statement. “Over the course of the government shutdown, the FAA expects to recall support staff to address emergency needs.”


The recall of the FAA employees–nearly two weeks before developments in Washington resulted in the shutdown–may carry some relevance with various business operators in California. The state has dozens of companies geared toward aviation services in addition to the military operating test facilities such as Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake and Edwards Air Force Base. Handling any aerospace technology is serious business and companies that engage in related endeavors who want to protect their employees can benefit from the competent CA employee safety functions like the type provided by companies like Omega Comp Human Resources.



According to the article, the recalled personnel were among the estimated 15,500 FAA employees furloughed when the shutdown went in effect. Before the shutdown was eventually resolved, the Department of Transportation planned to gradually add 1,800 other inspectors and key personnel back to work.


Some California aerospace companies are not as extensive as others in terms of assets; they still have a need for good employee benefits for small business, which are mandated under an agreement by the FAA and the Occupational Health and Safety Administration in 2000.


Getting things back into the air in light of a peaceful resolution to what amounts as a national crisis will be a positive thing. Having a HR outsourcing firm like Omega is a step in the right direction.


Article and image excerpt from FAA Recalls 800 Aviation Safety Staff from Furlough, Air Transport World, October 8, 2013


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