California Casino Gambling

OmegaComp HR is your trusted Gambling Casino Partner in California, providing fast, efficient, and effective solutions!


OmegaComp HR is your trusted California gambling casino industry partner with saving labor cost by maintaining compliance, reducing risk and employee-related exposures, offering Workers’ Comp pay as you go options, accurate timekeeping and payroll, and easing the demands on your time for non-revenue generating tasks. Get a free quote now: 888-540-0752.


Managing HR and Risk in the Casino Industry

  1. Wage and hour exposures for 24-hour card rooms
  2. Time off requests for PTO and federal/state mandated leave
  3. Employees with more than one job title or description
  4. ACA Reporting
  5. Workers’ compensation claims


Custom Solutions, Built From Our
Experience in the Casino Industry

  1. Expert, accurate timekeeping, payroll and compliance
  2. Employee Self Service Portal:managing time off
    accrual and requests
  3. Unlimited earning codes for multiple clock in/out options
  4. Agency audit assistance and accurate reporting.

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