California HR Services: Bersin 2014 Human Capital Trend Predictions

In a recent feature article on Forbes, Josh Bersin, frequent Forbes contributor and the key researcher for Deloitte’s annual Human Capital Trends report detailed how he predicts that 2014 will be the “Year of the Employee.”

Predictions For Talent

With the resurgence of the US economy, HR organizations will be shifting their focus away from the issues of cost reduction that have plagued them for the last half decade. Likewise, organizations offering reliable HR services are expected to shift toward the attraction of new talent, and the retention and engagement of current employees.

In line with this shift, Bersin predicts some of the following for 2014:

Talent, capability, and skills needs will become global.

Bersin predicts that, with top companies retaining existing talent and greedily gobbling up whatever talent’s left on the market, key skills will become scare in 2014. Due to this shortage, competitive HR services will have to look elsewhere for their talent and should build networks that will attract the talent they need from wherever in the world they can best find them.

Capability development will replace training.

Companies hoping to compete in the growing market will be able to attract the best if they focus on continuous learning. Due to the short supply of skill on the market, companies will need to focus on building their own supply chain of capabilities by encouraging employees to pursue further studies.

The redesign of performance management will accelerate.

Old-fashioned performance reviews are slowly going out the window. In its place, appraisal and evaluation programs will have to be redesigned to focus on development, coaching, goal alignment, and recognition.

Engagement will focus on passion and holistic work environments.

In order to keep the precious talent securely under their roofs, companies will have to redefine engagement by rewarding their existing talent not with a career, but a rewarding, exciting, and empowering overall experience.

HR technology and content markets will continue to grow explosively.

HR technology continues to evolve and many major players are delivering integrated, end-to-end solutions design to help fast-growing talent management organizations stay ahead of the game.

Likewise, in the struggle to stay competitive, OmegaComp Human Resources, a company experienced in providing HR and payroll has also taken in to consideration this shift in human resources perspective. By providing a robust platform for human resource managers, the company hopes to stay ahead of the competition by giving them an edge in HR management technology.

Article Information and Image from The Year of the Employee: 10 Predictions For Talent, Leadership, And HR Technology In 2014, Forbes, December 19, 2013

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