California HR Services Discuss the Advantages of Hiring Millennials

A new generation of workers is flooding the corporate world; they’re smart, young, and couldn’t care less about hierarchy. For the next seven years, these so-called “millennials” will comprise half of the entire American workforce. By 2030, they’ll be three-quarters of the workforce.

California HR Services Discuss the Advantages of Hiring Millennials

 Despite their immense potential, many employers are fixated on their supposed negative traits. The following excerpt from the Corp Magazine gives us more information:

“The millennial stereotype holds that young workers are prone to narcissism, are high maintenance and often have noncommittal attitudes about their employer. While that may sound like an HR nightmare, those willing to dig deeper into leadership toolkits will find this fresh generation brings a wealth of talent and energy to the table. They may be shaking up the traditional workplace, but experts believe millennials are more misunderstood than anything else.”

HR professionals that specialize inhuman resource services, like OmegaComp HR, understand that millennials need to be managed differently. It won’t be long before their growing numbers significantly change the way companies operate. What defines these millennials, and how can employers and HR professionals transform them into dynamic, productive employees?

Proper Work-Life Balance

Dubbed “Generation Y,” millennials are concerned with achieving a proper work-life balance, a trait that until recently has not been a requirement of the American employee. Despite the recession, millennials are more willing to leave a job they find dissatisfying than previous generations, largely because they’ve never been exposed to the extreme hardships endured by some of their parents and grandparents. If they choose to work, they appreciate minimum supervision, greater flexibility, and more free time for personal pursuits.

Handling Millennials

HR professionals can be a tremendous asset to their clients who choose to hire millennials. HR outsourcing agencies like OmegaComp HR assist their clients with most employee issues, such as recruitment, management, and the retention of employees. Other services being offered include the creation of customized employee handbooks, job descriptions, labor-compliant forms, as well as employee file reviews and training. These measures will ensure that employers stay compliant with the latest federal and labor laws.

HR professionals that provide HR outsourcing services state that employers can hire millennial workers without trepidation, though some adjustments may need to be made to corporate practices. Millennials can bring some exciting skills to the table: they know how to use social media to market businesses, display an aptitude for creativity and innovation, and are in tune with creative and technological trends. While they bring greater diversity to the workplace, employers will still need to find an effective way to manage millennials in the workplace.

Article Excerpt and Image from Millennials Are Challenging Corporate Culture – But Maybe They’re Onto Something; Corp Magazine

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