OmegaComp DocuCenter

stack_of_filesRecover Your Office Space and Increase Document Security

Not only can you get your space back, but now you can better manage your sensitive information.

Comp HR introduces DocuCenter, our secure cloud document storage solution.

With DocuCenter,  you get built-in online document storage and secure file sharing that is both secure and easy to use. You can enjoy the simplicity of cloud storage, plus the data security features you need for business. Easily upload, access and manage your files from your desktop, a mobile device or a web browser.


    • Secure storage with regular back up
      With DocuCenter, your business documents are automatically backed up and stored offsite. Rest easy knowing that your critical files are always protected.


    • Improve efficiency
      Your employees and clients can access the files they need anytime and anywhere via a portal, without having to request anything from you.


    • Security: Users only see the files you want them to.
      An online document storage service gives you ultimate control over who has access to what file, and what they’re allowed to do with each file (read, write, edit, delete).


    • Easy and secure file sharing with remote employees and clients

      Secure online document storage means you can send and receive files from anyone, anywhere across the globe.


  • DocuCenter storage for ALL your files
    Enjoy the same great features for storing your personal documents! No matter what your document needs are, you get a single, centralized location, accessible from anywhere for storing and accessing your files when and where you need them.

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