How OmegaComp HR is Keeping Pace With Marketplace Changes.

brokersIn recent years, the benefits landscape has changed dramatically. With aggressive online merchants offering free software, the market place is responding with more sophisticated criteria and dictating product and service offerings at a whole new level. While competition and options are great for the consumer, they can be overwhelming, confusing, and frustrating for business owners. Frequently, they just don’t have the ability to shop in-depth and research all of the options, in order to narrow the choices down to just the ones that make sense for them. More often than not, what busy business owners need is consultation and recommendations for the best products and services for running their business smoothly, at a manageable price.

Many clients are learning that cost isn’t king. Price will always be important but just one piece among many considerations; remember, you get what you pay for. Bargain basement solutions can offer cost savings in the short run, but in the long run can cost a business owner heavily and where it really counts. Having the right solution is of high value and knowing what options to choose is crucial to have in your toolbox when meeting with new and renewing clients: being able to remain flexible to their business needs means having a robust variety of products and services.

With years of cultivating successful working partnerships with all of our broker partners, we decided to get ahead of this curve, bump up our service offering, and provide robust options for our broker partners to stay competitive. OmegaComp HR already offered comprehensive services for HR, Safety & Risk Management, and Workers’ Compensation at a variety of levels. In order to provide additional services for our broker partners, OCHR expanded its offering to include robust and flexible timekeeping, payroll, and reporting services that include 24/7 access to payroll data, real-time synced time clocks that are web (with GPS tracking), voice, biometric, swipe and pin code login based, and robust tax, ACA, deduction management and unlimited reporting options.

For your clients, we support your plan with an experienced, knowledgeable benefits services team that can administrate policies for easy on-boarding, renewals, and response to qualifying events.  The result being that our benefits broker partners can now offer a full range of options that give them the competitive edge, augment their services, and back it with flexibility and outstanding service for all of your clients’ needs.

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