Anti-Harassment, Discrimination, Retaliation

Course Content
This course invites supervisors to consider the nature of harassment. It analyzes the development of our anti-discrimination laws and how they relate to changes in society brought about by the Civil Rights Movement and the struggle for gender equality. Filled with engaging interactive exercises, it covers all aspects of a supervisor’s role as an equal opportunity enforcer and shows them how to deal with the personalities that pose enforcement challenges.

Course Purpose
Supervisors must identify, discourage, eliminate, and remedy any illegal discrimination, harassment, or retaliation that they know of or simply suspect. Carrying out this responsibility requires a thorough understanding of anti-discrimination laws and harassment itself so that supervisors can address problems effectively. Knowing the development and purpose of these laws provides a solid foundation for understanding them.
This course is a state-specific version developed to comply with special requirements in California (AB-1825).

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Audience: managers and anyone with supervisory responsibilities

Duration: 2.0 hrs