Diversity: Skills for Collaboration

This course is designed to help employees succeed in an increasingly diverse workforce. Besides identifying the challenges and opportunities arising from human diversity, the course helps employees understand the need for a respectful workplace and the barriers that prevent full participation.

This course also covers communication skills and describes practical methods to resolve conflicts and disputes.

Course Purpose
“Diversity” means different things to different people and organizations. In general, diversity becomes an issue when companies grow, shrink, move, vary operations, or simply survive long enough for the world around them to change.

Let’s face it: people don’t like the unfamiliar or things to change. Even so, the workforce and the world around us (and the job you’re doing today) is always changing and getting more complex.

To take advantage of the opportunities from human diversity, employees need to learn to collaborate with people who are both like and unlike themselves. This course is designed to help employees successfully work together with diverse co-workers by encouraging respectful behavior, reducing bias, and explaining how cooperation can overcome conflict.

Audience: all employees

Duration: 1 hour