Illness and Injury Prevention (IIPP)

This course is designed to raise awareness about workplace health and safety and to reduce the threat of accidents. Besides describing the sources and serious consequences of workplace hazards, the course covers practical methods for employees to reduce their risk of job-related illnesses and injuries.

This course also explains each employee’s responsibility for workplace safety and how to respond to accidents and emergencies.

Course Purpose
State and federal laws require companies to provide employees with a safe and healthy workplace. To accomplish this goal, regulations issued by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) specify that each employer must train employees to recognize and avoid hazards that they are exposed to in the workplace.

In addition to satisfying workplace safety laws, the ever-rising cost of workers’ compensation and the threat of unlimited liability for incidents caused by untrained workers provide an even more compelling argument for offering safety training.

This course will help your organization:

  • promote a safe workplace
  • prevent injuries and illnesses
  • reduce the number of accident claims

Audience: all employees

Duration: 1 hour