Prevent Harassment and Discrimination

This course is designed to raise awareness about workplace harassment and discrimination, and to reduce or prevent incidents of misconduct. Besides introducing employees to the equal employment opportunity (EEO) laws, the course also helps employees identify the difference between legal discrimination and an illegal “hostile environment.”

This course also covers activities that do not qualify as harassment, how to avoid being a victim of harassment, and how to avoid being wrongly accused of harassment.

Course Purpose
Over forty years ago, federal laws were enacted to guarantee equal employment opportunities for all employees. These laws unleashed an explosion of harassment and discrimination lawsuits that continue on through the present. Employers cannot afford to allow employees’ ignorance or confusion about proper conduct to create the risk of legal liability. This training expresses your organization’s strong disapproval of harassment.

Although sexual harassment probably receives the most attention, state and federal EEO laws prohibit discrimination and harassment based on a variety of “protected characteristics.” All applicants and employees are protected against unfair treatment based on their race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability status, and so on.

Besides encouraging a respectful workplace, this training will:

  • prevent incidents of discriminatory misconduct
  • promote appropriate behavior
  • reduce the potential for harassment claims

Additionally, the US Supreme Court and EEOC have declared that employers may avoid legal liability for misconduct (including punitive damages) by providing effective EEO training

Audience: non-supervisors only

Duration: 1 hour