Recognize and Report Child Abuse

This course is designed to raise awareness about child abuse and neglect, and to reduce its impact in your community. It is meant for mandatory reporters who work in most occupations (we have specific courses for mandatory reporters who work in elementary and secondary education, and this course can be tailored for your specific industry). Besides identifying the types of harm that victims suffer and the signs that may indicate a problem is occurring, the course describes how adults should respond when they have suspicions of abuse. It also covers the laws that designate certain occupations as “mandatory reporters” (who are required to report all suspicions of misconduct to the authorities), and practical suggestions to reduce the risk of child abuse for your children and in your community.

Course Purpose
In 1963, California enacted the first law in the United States requiring the mandatory reporting of child abuse. By 1967, all 50 states had similar laws. These laws seek to protect children by establishing a legal duty to report abuse — and imposing penalties for failing to make a report — on certain occupations that regularly come in contact with children.

The potential harm to children is serious enough to justify that every responsible adult in contact with children learn how to protect them from abuse and neglect. Moreover, the threat of unlimited legal liability for violating the rules on reporting abuse or neglect provides an even more compelling argument for why no one can afford to be unaware or confused about the proper thing to do.

Audience: Anyone who supervises or has direct contact with children

Duration: 1.5 hrs