Recognizing Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Course Content
This Course is designed to train managers in how to identify the signs of impairment by drugs or alcohol and how to evaluate whether there is “reasonable suspicion” of substance abuse that calls for further action. It includes a discussion of various types of evidence, such as the paraphernalia of illegal drugs, and both physiological and behavioral symptoms. The course includes interactive exercises that give the user practice in applying what they’ve learned to realistic situations. And, it concludes with a section on what to do when there is reasonable suspicion.

Course Purpose
When employees abuse drugs or alcohol, employers can end up paying a big price—either directly because of accidents or absenteeism, or indirectly because of how it impacts others. But, employers must proceed carefully when presented with evidence of substance abuse, to avoid violating employees’ rights under the privacy and disability laws. Most employers can best balance these competing concerns by taking action when there is a “reasonable suspicion” of substance abuse. For this approach to be effective, managers must be trained in how to recognize and evaluate the signs of impairment.

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Audience: managers and anyone with supervisory responsibilities

Duration: 1.0 hr