TimeClock 330/380

Timekeeping Systems — Simple and Affordable – TimeClock 330/380

TimeClock™ defines practicality in today’s workplace. TimeClock arrives ready to “plug and play” with no additional software to install, making start up and continued use exceptionally easy. Employees can clock in and out with the swipe of a card or by using a Personal Identification Number (PIN). With the optional PrintReader, employees can also clock in and out using this system designed for biometric verification.

Online timekeeping data management makes it easy to view, edit, and run reports using your web browser while flexibility and affordability make the TimeClock ideal for just about any workforce.

Product Overview

Punch Data Collection Features Connectivity
TimeClock primarily collects employee punch data through using a personal identification number (PIN) or with the swipe of a card with the badge reader feature.TimeClock can also be synced with WebClock, which creates an additional option for employees to clock in/out via a web browser and view their time cards online TimeClock doesn’t require a dedicated line, just a standard analog phone/fax line, making it a practical and simple solution for a wide variety of workplace environments.TimeClock can also be easily wall mounted, and with its “plug and play” setup provides fantastic ease of use, maximum flexibility and superior affordability. TimeClock connects to the Internet through an Analog (standard phone/fax) line for data transmission.And because TimeClock can store punches internally, it can be brought on-site to collect punches wherever a power source is available, from a standard wall mount to a car adapter. Then simply connect TimeClock back to the analog fax/phone line to transmit punch data via the web.

Feature Specifics

“Plug and Play” Setup

TimeClock offers an extremely easy to use and quick setup format. There is no additional software to install or programming required. With numerous accessories and options, all at an affordable price, Timeclock offers some of the best value of any timekeeping device available

punch in/out options connectivity options hardware set up
PIN (Personal Identification Number) Entry Analog (Fax/Phone) Wall Mount Option
Magnetic Stripe Card
WebClock Web Based Timekeeping* hardware options
PrintReader Biometric Fingerprint* Reprogram Existing/Third-party Trans 330/380
*Sold Separately addtional fees will apply

“Best Fit for the TimeClock 330/380” – Practical Application

TimeClock is ideal for employers desiring a combination of exceptional ease of use, flexibility and affordability. TimeClock can be set up and conveniently placed on site in minutes, and offers employees the option to clock in/out with both a swipe card or personal identification number (PIN) access. And with the PrintReader Biometric Fingerprint and WebClock web browser features, TimeClock is as versatile as it is easy.

The TimeClock 330/380 is an excellent and popular choice for employers seeking maximum ease of use, outstanding flexibility and unparalleled options, all at an affordable price

Accessory Guide – Call for prices

TimeClock 330/380 Accessory Guide