VoiceClock 3, 6 & 12 Lines

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VoiceClock™ is a telephone-enabled collection device that provides timekeeping punch collection through the convenience of a phone line.

Whether your employees work remotely, are located temporarily off-site, or simply do not have access to a traditional time clock, VoiceClock enables employees to punch in and out remotely over the phone.

Product Overview

Clock In/Out—PIN Tracking and Reporting Connectivity
Using VoiceClock to collect employee punches is accomplished using an employee Personal Identification Number (PIN) over the phone.Employees may also use other time clock devices (sold separately) such as a traditional time clock, allowing the workforce to punch in and out using a time clock that best suits the employee’s environment.Have access to a web browser? Employees may be authorized to clock in and out online through a web browser using WebClock.™


VoiceClock can synch automatically with web-based timekeeping reports, making valuable punch data available immediately to supervisors over the web.Supervisors can then track employee punches, set employee schedules and adjust staffing needs throughout the work day.Gain better visibility of your mobile workforce, and more importantly, manage labor costs more accurately. VoiceClock can be configured with 3, 6 or 12 phone lines. This flexibility allows employers to select a unit for their specific usage level.From high volume users involving multiple employees that clock in simultaneously during peak traffic times to users collecting intermittent punch traffic throughout the day (3 lines), VoiceClock can be pre-set to accommodate your needs.(An employee clock in/out call can take on average an estimated 10 to 18 seconds to complete.)

Feature Specifics

Call Filtering

VoiceClock offers the ability to identify and filter inbound call traffic, giving employers the option to recognize and pre-authorize employees for remote clock in/out.


The VoiceClock unit requires a constant connection via Analog phone lines to collect employee data (contact your local telecommunications provider for phone line activation). Punch data collected from employees is sent to the Web in real time through an Ethernet connection, allowing supervisors to immediately view employee punches and view staff coverage.

punch in/out options connectivity options Features
PIN (Personal Identification Number) Entry Ethernet (real-time) Punch Transmission to the Web Dial Up
WebClock™ Analog Phone Configuration 7.9”(H) x 10.6”(D) x 13.2”(W)
Compatible with Other TimeClocks 10.12.3 lbs (net/gross) + modems
LCD Monitoring Display—Front Panel
10.12.3 lbs (net/gross) + modems
3, 6, and 12 line models
40 GB Storage Drive and 300 Watt Smart Powe

“Best Fit for the VoiceClock™” – Practical Application

The VoiceClock is an ideal fit for employers desiring a time clock that collects punches over the phone due to their geographical location or environment. With real-time connectivity to the Web, it is especially suited to industries with employees at remote locations.

Recommended industries or groups include but are not limited to: service, hospitality, health care, seasonal labor providers, security, janitorial, construction, landscaping, etc.