FlexClock Vx-SERIES 510

Timekeeping Systems – FlexClock Vx-SERIES 510

Slightly smaller than the Vx570 the Vx510 offers the same features at a lower price. The Vx510 supports both Ethernet and dialup, and works with PrintReader desktop use only, no mounting option available.

Punching Options

One Solution TimeClock Data Collection Connectivity
Streamline your punching data from collection to report analysis. The Vx510 time clock synchs automatically with internet reports using Ethernet for real-time punch tracking.With FlexClock’s high-speed, on-board processor employee registration and clocking in/out can be completed in seconds. FlexClock uses SSL, Ethernet connectivity to act as a real-time collection device. Ideal for on-demand tracking and reporting features.Gather employee time using magnetic stripe card, fingerprint reader, PIN code, and web based punching. Ideal for on-demand tracking and reporting features Whether your employees are remote or on site, FlexClock Vx510 gathers accurate records of their labor worked.Get the clear picture of your workforce and the ability to manage labor costs

Connectivity Options

Ethernet Standard Analog
FlexClock offers Ethernet connectivity, further enabling on-demand reporting. A employee scheduling option is in the final stages of development and will be released soon. In the event that Ethernet connectivity is lost temporarily on site, FlexClock will continue to send punches to the server through the regular Analog telephone connection.


punch in/out options connectivity options Addtional features
PIN (Personal Identification Number) Entry Analog Punch Transmission Dial Up
Magnetic Stripe Card Ethernet (Real-Time) Punch Transmission Web Based Punching
WebClock Web Based Timekeeping* employee recognition methods hardware options
PrintReader Biometric Fingerprint* Employee “Verify” Fingerprint Reader*
* Addtional fees will apply

“Best Fit for the TimeClock 330/380” – Practical Application

TimeClock is ideal for employers desiring a combination of exceptional ease of use, flexibility and affordability. TimeClock can be set up and conveniently placed on site in minutes, and offers employees the option to clock in/out with both a swipe card or personal identification number (PIN) access. And with the PrintReader Biometric Fingerprint and WebClock web browser features, TimeClock is as versatile as it is easy.

The TimeClock 330/380 is an excellent and popular choice for employers seeking maximum ease of use, outstanding flexibility and unparalleled options, all at an affordable price