FlexClock Vx-SERIES 510G

Vx Series – FlexClock Vx-SERIES 510G

The FlexClock Vx510G offers employers the convenience of connecting to the Web in real-time through a cellular (GSM wireless) connection to send employee punch data. It’s the ideal solution for locations that have a stationary power source but not an Analog or Ethernet data connection to the Web.

Product Overview

Punch Data Collection Features Connectivity
Collecting employee punches with the Vx510G is easily done. The first and most basic method is through the use of an employee Personal Identification Number, or “employee PIN.”The secondary method for recording punches is via a badge or swipe card. FlexClock Vx510G offers a variety of practical features to help employers effectively maintain a work force. Key features include:Real-time cellular (GSM wireless) punch transmissionAlternate Analog data connection for a secondary punch transmission optionOn-board punch ticket printerBiometric add-on support

User-friendly, web-based supervisor portal for managing employee editing

The Vx510G connects to the Web throughout the workday to send employee punch data primarily through a cellular (wireless) data connection. The unit is compatible with the widely-available GSM network (Global System for Mobile Communication) to transmit all employee punches, which is the same network that is used by carriers such as AT&T Wireless and TMobile.Alternatively, the unit may also be connected to a standard Analog fax/phone line for manual and/or nightly punch transmission when such a connection is available.

Feature Specifics

Add Biometrics – PrintReader Option “Background” Punch Transmission
Take advantage of the option to add a biometric PrintReader unit, which creates the ability to identify employees and verify they are on time and truly “on site.” Employers can then eliminate the costly expense associated with “buddy punching.” To minimize the time spent by employees at the clock, and to offer supervisors immediate access to punch data online, “background” punch transmission permits employees to clock in/out as punches are sent simultaneously to the server.


punch in/out options connectivity options Addtional features
PIN (Personal Identification Number) Entry Analog fax/phone On-Board Punch Printer
Badge Cards GSM Celllular – Wirless (Global System for Mobile Communication) Web Based Punching
WebClock Web Based Timekeeping* hardware Set up
PrintReader Biometric Fingerprint * Table Top Option
 *Sold separately, additional fees apply Wall Mount Option

“Best Fit for the Vx510G” – Practical Application

The Vx510G is the ideal solution for locations that have a stationary power source but not an Analog or Ethernet data connection to the Web. Because connectivity is not always available on location, a GSM cellular (wireless) connection may be the best and only alternative, particularly when real-time connectivity is desired.

This product is also the recommended option for employers who desire the combination of cellular connectivity with biometric employee verification as it supports the addition of a PrintReader device. Further, if on-site biometric verification is required at a construction site, for example, or other remote destinations, the Vx510G can be used in partnership with the vehicle power converter accessory (see below).

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