FlexClock Vx-Series 570

Vx Series – FlexClock Vx570

The FlexClock Vx570 is a real-time timekeeping solution that connects to the Web via an Ethernet connection. With its built in punch receipt printer and the ability to collect punches through a PIN, swipe card, or biometric PrintReader, it’s a reliable tool for recording and validating employee punches

Product Overview

Punch Data Collection Features Connectivity
Collecting employee punches with the Vx570 is easily done. The first and most basic method is through the use of an employee Personal Identification Number, or “employee PIN.”The secondary method for recording punches is via a badge or swipe card FlexClock Vx570 offers a variety of practical features to help employers effectively maintain a work force. Key features include:Real-time Ethernet punch transmissionAlternate Analog data connection for a secondary punch transmission optionOn-board punch receipt printerBiometric add-on supportUser-friendly, web-based supervisor portal for managing employee editing8-line screen The Vx570 connects to the Web throughout the workday to send employee punch data primarily through a real-time Ethernet data connection, also commonly referred to as a “digital,” Internet-based, or IP based connection.Alternatively, a secondary connection method is offered through a standard Analog fax/phone line allowing for manual and/or nightly punch transmissions.

Feature Specifics

Add Biometrics – PrintReader Option Vx510 vs. Vx570—Tabletop vs. Wall Mount
Take advantage of the option to add a biometric PrintReader unit, which creates the ability to identify employees and verify they are on time and truly “on site.” Employers can then eliminate the costly expense associated with “buddy punching.” The FlexClock Vx570 offers the option to “wall mount” the time clock unit at your location. If you are looking for a “tabletop” time clock option please refer to the Vx510.


punch in/out options connectivity options Addtional features
PIN (Personal Identification Number) Entry Analog fax/phone On-Board Punch Printer
Badge Cards Ethernet PrintReader Add-On (*sold separately)
WebClock Web Based Timekeeping* hardware Set up
PrintReader Biometric Fingerprint * Wall Mount Option
*Sold Separately, additional fees apply

“Best Fit for the 570” – Practical Application

The Vx570 solution is ideal for employers desiring the combination of real-time (Ethernet) data transfer to the Web and an on-board printer for employee punch receipt printing. The device is also well-suited for biometric employee identification with the PrintReader add-on, which can be conveniently added for enhanced validation of employee times.

The implementation of this unit can also be motivated by the need for a secondary data connection option, giving the user the ability to send punches over both Analog and Ethernet lines. This configuration may be required in the event that the clock moves to alternative locations not equipped with an Ethernet connection or if the existing line becomes temporarily unavailable.

Regarding the placement of the time clock, for an environment that requires “wall mount” placement the Vx570 is recommended.

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