FlexClock Z-SERIES Z11

Timekeeping Systems –  FlexClock Z-SERIES Z11

The FlexClock Z11offers employers an affordable real-time timekeeping solution (Ethernet-enabled) that also offers the ability to use an employee proximity badge card for recording in/out punches.

Product Overview

Punch Data Collection Features Connectivity
Collecting employee punches with the Z11 can easily be done through the entry of an employee PIN code.And if you’re looking to save on badge card costs or to simply add convenience by consolidating badge cards, the Z11 permits employees to use a proximity badge for clocking in/out.Note: For recording employee punches the Z11 supports the “Mango” proximity badge-type only. For universal badge recognition, please see the FlexClock Z18 The Z11 offers employers the tools required to better manage company departments and employees by the hour and throughout the work day.
With real-time online managerial editing and reporting, supervisors find the “visibility“ needed to effectively maintain a full work force. Other key features include:Proximity card integration*Simple set up and wall mountLarge clock display for easy employee clocking in/out
The Vx570 connects to the Web throughout the workday to send employee punch data primarily through a real-time Ethernet data connection, also commonly referred to as a “digital,” Internet-based, or IP based connection.Alternatively, a secondary connection method is offered through a standard Analog fax/phone line allowing for manual and/or nightly punch transmissions.

Feature Specifics

“Background” Punch Transmission “Mango” Badge-Type vs. “Wiegand” (Universal)
To minimize the time spent by employees at the clock and to enable immediate* access to the data online “background” punch transmission allows employees to clock in/out as punches are simultaneously sent to the server. The Z11 utilizes a specific proximity badge card format referred to as “Mango,” typically indicated by the Mango logo displayed on the card face. By contrast, universal or generic-use proximity badges known as “Wiegand” integrate with a broad variety of proximity hardware models (see Z18), but are not supported by the Z11.


punch in/out options connectivity options Proximity Badge Support
PIN (Personal Identification Number) Entry Ethernet (Real-Time) Punch Transmission 125 KHz Mango
Proximity Badge—125 KHz Mango Wiegand—Universal (see Z18)
WebClock Web Based Timekeeping* hardware Set up
*Sold separately, additional fees apply Wall Mount Option

“Best Fit for the Z11” – Practical Application

The Z11 is an ideal fit employers desiring a time clock that collects employee punches using a Mango proximity badge card, as well as real-time data transfer to the Web (via Ethernet). Alternatively, because of its affordability, the Z11 can be a practical solution for employers simply collecting punches through a PIN code where an Ethernet-based time clock is required (for connectivity), regardless of whether a proximity badge is utilized.

Practical application of the Z11 would be to integrate the unit into environments where employees are currently using a “Mango” proximity badge to gain access to the building with the existing “Mango-based” proximity system. The same badge carried and used by employees for building access could then be “swiped” at the time clock to record an in/out punch.

If the current and existing proximity system does not use a Mango badge type, the Z11 is not recommended for implementation. If, however, a proximity badge card is desired for employee punching but a system has NOT yet been selected for building access, a time clock offering universal proximity card integration (Z18) may be better suited in order to give the organization added flexibility in selecting a supplier.

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