FlexClock Z-SERIES Z14 Mag

Timekeeping Systems – Magnetic-Stripe Time Clock – FlexClock Z-SERIES Z14 Magnetic

With the FlexClock Z14 employers benefit from a practical, affordable, real-time solution (Ethernet-enabled) with superior internal processor and memory capacity.

Product Overview

Punch Data Collection Features Connectivity
Collecting employee punches with either of the Z14 devices can easily be done through the entry of an employee PIN code.In addition, if you’re looking for added employee convenience or to reduce the time required at the clock the Z14 permits employees to use a magstripe card. The Z14 offers employers the tools required to better manage company departments and employees by the hour and throughout the work day.Key features include:Magstripe cardEmployee PINSimple, wall mount setupLarge clock display for easy employee clocking in/out The Z14 connects to the web to send employee data for online supervisor editing exclusively through an Ethernet connection, also commonly referred to as “digital,” Internet based, or “IP based.”With this connectivity method, punches are continuously sent throughout the day as employees record punches

Badge Cards

Custom Card Printing and Encoding

Your cards can be customized to be pre-encoded with specific information, such as employee names and employee numbers. Custom card printing is also available in four color, two color or black and white.

Ask your timekeeping representative for more information.

punch in/out options connectivity options hardware Models
PIN (Personal Identification Number) Entry Ethernet (Real-Time) Punch Transmission Z14 with Magentic Stripe Card Reader
Magnetic Swipe Card Z14 with Proximity Reader
WebClock Web-Based Timekeeping* hardware Set up
*Sold separately, additional fees apply Wall Mount Option