FlexClock Z-SERIES Z14 – Prox

Timekeeping Systems  – FlexClock Z-SERIES Z14 – Proximity

With the FlexClock Z14 employers benefit from a practical, affordable, timekeeping system solution (Ethernet-enabled) with superior internal processor and memory capacity.

Product Overview

Punch Data Collection Features Connectivity
Collecting employee punches with the Z14 devices can easily be done through the entry of an employee PIN code.In addition, for added convenience and clock in/out with proximity badge, key fob or mag-stripe cards. The Z14 offers employers tools required to manage department employees by the hour.
Key features include:
Proximity badge card†
Proximity key fob
Employee PIN
Simple, wall mount setupLarge clock display for easy employee clocking in/out
The Z14 connects to the web, sends employee data online.  With this connectivity method, punches are continuously sent throughout the day as employees record punches

Proximity Cards Type for the Z14

The Z14 utilizes a specific, but common type of proximity badge card referred to as “Mango.” Proximity chips from other systems may not be compatible with the Z14. Contact your service provider if you’re not sure what type of cards you are currently using.

punch in/out options connectivity options hardware Set up
PIN (Personal Identification Number) Entry Ethernet (Real-Time) Punch Transmission Z14 with Magnetic Stripe Card Reader
Proximity Badge—125 KHz Mango Z14 with Proximity Reader
Magnetic Stripe Card
Biometric PrintReader*
WebClock Web-Based Timekeeping*
*Sold separately, additional fees may apply