FlexClock Z-SERIES Z18

Timekeeping Systems — FlexClock Z-SERIES Z18

The FlexClock Z18 delivers superior value and features with its integration of timekeeping and universal proximity badge card access. It connects to the Web in real-time (Ethernet) and offers additional value in its ability to support a “bell chime” and biometric employee identification with PrintReader.

Product Overview

Punch Data Collection Features Connectivity
Collecting employee punches with the Z18 is primarily accomplished through the use of a proximity badge card, but can also easily be done through the entry of an employee PIN code if a proximity badge has not yet been assigned or is temporarily unavailable
FlexClock Z18 offers a variety of unique features to help employers effectively maintain a work force. Key features include:Universal proximity badge support (Wiegand)Ethernet data connectivityBell “chime” support (sold separately)Biometric add-on support (sold separately) The Z18 connects to the Web to send employee data for online editing exclusively through a real-time Ethernet connection, also commonly referred to as “digital,” Internet-based, or IP based.Punches are sent continuously throughout the day as employees clock in/out for immediate supervisory editing and reporting.To minimize the time spent by employees at the clock, “background” punch transmission permits employees to clock in/out as punches are sent simultaneously to the server.
Note: Z18 requires professional-grade installation

Feature Specifics

Bell “Chime” Support Professional Installation—Wall Mount
Add a bell “chime” or bell accessory to your time clock. The Z18 supports the use of a third-party bell for environments that require this form of audible communication from the clock. The Z18 is a wall-mounted unit that requires a “fixed mounting,” with its wiring and connections concealed behind the wall. As such, the Z18 requires professional-grade installation from an electrician, “handy man,” or qualified technician.


punch in/out options connectivity options hardware Set up
PIN (Personal Identification Number) Entry Ethernet (Real-Time) Punch Transmission Wall Mount Option (requires professional-grade installation)
Universal Proximity Badge
Biometric PrintReader* addtional hardware options
WebClock Web-Based Timekeeping* Biometric PrintReader*
*Sold separately, additional fees may apply Bell “Chime” Accessory

Universal Proximity Badge Integration

To use the Z18 with your existing proximity badge cards a Wiegand-compatible external card reader must be purchased from a third-party source, such as your corporate property management group or contracted security vendor. The reader can then be connected to the Z18 through the Wiegand connection.

“Best Fit for the Z18” – Practical Application

The FlexClock Z18 is primarily chosen by employers for its universal proximity badge support allowing for the integration of a time clock with the building’s existing proximity system. Employees can then use their existing badge card to also clock in/out throughout the workday. The unit also supports the addition of a bell accessory and/or biometric PrintReader; however, because professional-grade installation is required, this unit would not be recommended for biometric employee verification alone.

For organizations with an existing proximity system that supports a “Mango” proximity card, the FlexClock Z11 is recommended due to installation requirements.

(Note: The Z11 does not support a bell function or biometric PrintReader.)

The Z18 is an ideal and affordable fit for organizations in need of universal proximity badge support and bell “chime” support.

Accesory Guide—no accessories available with this product

A bell must be purchased from a third-party provider. See Bell Relay Kit Instruction booklet for instructions and a diagram on how to attach a bell to the Z18.