Safety Training FAQs

1. Which newsletter do I choose for my employees?

If you have already been receiving our safety newsletters, then you should get the same type from our selection below.  If you do not know which ones were being sent to your employees, read the brief description underneath each newsletter heading to determine which one you should use.  Still not sure? Contact us at

2. Do I need to print the cover letter?

The cover letter has information specifically for the Responsible Safety Officer (RSO) of your company.  Also, the Training Roster is on the back of it.  If you are not the RSO, you should forward it to the RSO, either electronically or by printing it for him/her.  And if you use the Training Roster to document who you gave the newsletter to, then you need to print it out.

3. Why do I need the Training Roster?

The Training Roster documents who you have given the newsletter to.  When you get the quizzes back, you staple them to the Training Roster.  If you do not get 100% response back, you can at least show that it was distributed to all of the employees.

4. Do I have to send the Training Roster and quizzes back to OmegaComp HR?

OmegaComp HR provides our clients with a Safety Incentive Program.  The employees that submit quizzes are placed into a drawing for gift cards and the winners also get their names in the next edition of the newsletters.  RSOs who submit their Training Rosters get placed into a separate drawing for $50.  It is not mandatory to turn in the quizzes and Training Rosters to OmegaComp HR, but it is required that you keep the documentation onsite and for at least 3 years.