Termination Forms

  • FlexClock GT-400

    The employee’s hand becomes their badge with the HandPunch GT-400.

    Price: $2,760.00

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  • FlexClock Vx-SERIES 610G

    The FlexClock Vx610G offers complete portability for employee punching with the convenience of cellular (GSM wireless) connectivity to the Web in real-time and an on-board battery for anextended onsite punch collection. It’s the perfect fit for punching in the field and on location

    Price: $840.00

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  • FlexClock Vx-SERIES 510G

    The FlexClock Vx510G offers employers the convenience of connecting to the Web in real-time through a cellular (GSM wireless) connection to send employee punch data. It’s the ideal solution for locations that have a stationary power source but not an Analog or Ethernet data connection to the Web.

    Price: $720.00

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  • FlexClock Vx-Series 570

    The FlexClock Vx570 is a real-time timekeeping solution that connects to the Web via an Ethernet connection. With its built in punch receipt printer and the ability to collect punches through a PIN, swipe card, or biometric PrintReader, it’s a reliable tool for recording and validating employee punches.

    Price: $600.00

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  • FlexClock Z-SERIES Z18

    The FlexClock Z18 delivers superior value and features with its integration of timekeeping and universal proximity badge card access. It connects to the Web in real-time (Ethernet) and offers additional value in its ability to support a “bell chime” and biometric employee identification with PrintReader.

    Price: $480.00

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  • FlexClock Z33/34

    With the FlexClock Z33/Z34, organizations benefit from a time clock with a built-in biometric fingerprint reader and an on-screen fingerprint view to assist employees clocking in/out. This affordable biometric option also connects via Ethernet for real-time access to employee punch data.

    Price: $465.00

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