timesimplicityCreating Schedules is a Breeze with TimeSimplicity

TimeSimplicity – a new workforce management scheduling service coming soon to our Payroll & Timekeeping clients!

TimeSimplicity is a cloud service, accessible through your employer and employee dashboard.

TimeSimplicity allows you to create work schedules on the fly!

  • Create reusable schedule templates
  • Post schedules online, accessible to all your employees with any internet connected device
  •  Easily identify skill and shift coverage gaps and fill with ease

Someone can’t make it in? NO PROBLEM! TimeSimplicity has two ways to fill a schedule gap quickly and easily.

  1. Last-minute shift changes, send text and email alerts to available staff to request a shift pick up. All they have to do is click “Accept” and the shift is covered. No more calling around!
    1. You choose who receives those alerts based on filters you set up to designate a best fit based on:
      1. Attendance record
      2. Has hours to fill without going into overtime
      3. Skill level
      4. And more!
  2. Self Serve Shift Trade Board – allows your employees to trade shifts, drop shifts, request a shift pickup, and the other employees can click “Accept” pick up that shift*. All a manager or supervisor has to do is click “Approve.” It’s that easy!

*the employee stays scheduled until someone picks up the shift – no more gaps!

Call for a demonstration now: 888.540.0752